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8 little podcasts about life and love in a time of coronavirus

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Our lives as we knew them came to a sudden halt. Our worlds changed overnight. We had little or no warning. There probably isn't any aspect of our lives that has not been affected by Covid-19. Homeschooling, remote working and zoom meetings became the so-called 'new normal’ overnight.

The gym closed, yoga moved online, baking became the new national pastime and a trip to the supermarket suddenly required military precision.

Our relationships are in a whole different space, we’re in a time of extremities; isolated from many friends, wider family and colleagues and confined to immediate family and partner. Many of us in a world of worry about people we love getting sick and spending their last days in isolation.

We’ve had to dig deep - very deep at times to adjust to this new world order. We have displayed tremendous resilience up and down the country, in towns and villages, down country lanes.

What follows are eight ten-minute podcasts to help us find our way in this new world order. Small pockets of wisdom to help with our relationships, the increase in stress we're all feeling, the strain of living and loving in a time of coronavirus….

Over the last couple of weeks, Dr. Paul D'Alton, Principal Clinical Psychologist at St Vincent's University Hospital and Adjunct Associate Professor at UCD joined Drivetime on RTÉ Radio 1 to talk about what to look out for when it comes to looking after relationships and mental health in this unusual time.

Originally published on 14/05/20.


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