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Hello, I’m Paul D’Alton. I’m a clinical psychologist, teacher, researcher, writer and speaker.  


I’ve always been really interested in what makes us humans happy: what are the ingredients to a happy and satisfying life?  And how, by living our best life, we can be of benefit to society. 

I’m intrigued by stories; the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves, the stories we tell about other people.  The stories that contract and the stories that enlarge and enliven.   

I love the classroom; where ideas, possibilities and imaginations can run wild, sparks fly and suddenly we all come to life.  I value what research can do and the changes it can bring about; how good research can change hearts and minds.   

I really care about the kind of society we live in.  I am committed to doing all that I can to make society a more equal, inclusive and kinder place.  This is why I get involved in policy development and public debate.

I have a passion for poetry.  I love how it can be so precise and so spacious at the same time.  I love getting lost and found in live theatre and music performance.  The sea is my go-to place when I need reset and replenishment.  

I started to meditate almost twenty-five years ago and have been on and off the meditation cushion ever since. Teaching meditation brings me great joy, nourishment and satisfaction.  I am particularly interested in mindfulness meditation in healthcare.  


I do a regular slot on RTE Radio One’s Drivetime which I thoroughly enjoy, and I’ve done a few pieces on television too.  I get to review books for The Irish Times and when I feel strongly about things and can get them down on paper, I write opinion editorials for The Irish Independent and The Irish Times. 

I live in Dublin, am a committed cyclist and some people have even said I’m a good cook; when the mood takes me.


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